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Myles visits Andy in Ukiah
by Myles King

I was in my home in Denver, and I was watching my favorite cartoons as usual.
"Aw, Phineas. You still got it," I spoke. Then, I went to my photo album with some of the fun memories with some of my friends. Especially my best buddy in the world, Andrew Mantynen a.k.a. Dandy Andy. I remember the time when he's a California dreamer and I remember that we shared some awesome adventures, shared great times. He's originally from Rohnert Park, California and he moved to Santa Rosa, California. But now, recently, I heard he moved to a new home in Ukiah.
"I wish I could get to see his new home sometime soon." I thought. Suddenly, I had an idea. Since he is from California, I thought it would be nice to come visit my beset buddy.
"This should be a great time." So, I packed up my baggage and got ready for a great visit with my pal.

The next day, I got on a plane to Santa Rosa.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we have now arrived to Santa Rosa. Local time is 2:34pm and it is such a beautiful day. Thank you for flying and we hope you enjoy a beautiful day," said the captain. And when I arrived there, I took a taxi over to his old home, which he currently moved and I saw that this place has had fond memories.
"I never forget his home was very special and he created his new stories from the "Phineas and Ferb" movie to his hit series 'J.U.M.P.' and he even got me in to some of his fictions," I spoke. I never forget that time when I was at dA when I first met my pal. He showed me some memories of his times at Santa Rosa.
Now, today, he got a new home and I'm just about to take a visit at his new home in Ukiah. Instead of taking a taxi, I went to a ferry that would get me faster.

Soon, after a nice ride on the ferry to Ukiah and I gave the ferry driver a tip, I took a little walk on this nice small town.
"Wow," I thought to myself. So, I was looking around at this small city where I happen to see a few buildings, a nice park and so much more.
"I just hope my best buddy is around here somewhere." But before I was about to see my best buddy and his new home, I decided to go to a restaurant down a few blocks. So, I went to a restaurant called "Kilkenny Kitchen". I took a seat on the booth, and I took a look at the menu. Then a waitress saw me and says:
"Hi, welcome to Ukiah and welcome to Kilkenny. Can I start you off with something to drink?"
"Thank you for welcoming me. I would like some lemonade, please."
"Sure, sweetie." So, she went to get a lemonade for me. And, as I was taking a minute to look at the menu, I recognized a familiar face. Actually, 2 faces.
"Wait a minute. That one happens to be a friend of Andy's and that one is..." Just then, I saw their faces who I remember. It was Candace, the star of "Phineas and Ferb" and my best buddy.
"Andy?" I asked.
"Myles? Is that you? I cannot believe it!" Andy said.
"Mylesy! Good to see you!" said Candace. We all hugged as if it was like a family reunion. A little emotional and surprising.
"My best buddy coming to my new home. What brings you here, dude?"
"Well, I just wanted to come and see your new home."
"Oh, sure, pal. But listen, maybe after lunch, we can show you around the town."
"Yeah, Mylesy. There's so much stuff in his new home you won't forget." said Candace. So, we had a little lunch together and we talked for some time.

Next up, Andy, Candace and I toured around this small city.
"Here, we have a park with the most nicest playground out here," said Andy.
"Wow. It must be pretty nice to see something like this," I spoke.
"Back then, before I came to Santa Rosa, I used to take some nice walks on the beach, and I even saw some pretty nice destinations out there, too."
"Sucks, I wish I could take a fun ride out to Santa Rosa, man."
"I missed this place, but I can still remember those times at this city, brother."
"At least you'll go there with new surprises," said Candace.
We all laughed on this moment. We continued on the tour of this small city from the town hall to a natural reserve. We even see beautiful animals on the reserve and natural things I have never seen before.

Next up, we took a little hike up to the hills.
"Wow. This is even more exciting and fabulous. Back in my homestate, there were lots of mountains and hills unlike that to take a hike, but this is still very intriguing," I spoke.
"You think that's beautiful, wait till you see the nice view of the town," said Candace. Soon, we went up to the top of the view where the view of this town is so beautiful, you can even see the sunsets on a beautiful evening. We all stared in amazement and enjoyed the beautiful blue sky as well.
"I wish my family would've seen such a beautiful view like this, man."
"Me, too," said Andy. "But me and my family will go on a hike as a family," said Andy. "Well, we got a couple of hours before nightfall, so shall we go to one more place before we head back to my home?"
"Oh, yes," said Candace and I.

Soon, we went to an art gallery at downtown where there happen to be a high class art stuff and it's even more special than I could even imagine.
"Oh, how lovely, man," I spoke.
"Yes. I've been to a lot of art galleries in California, but I can tell, this one is like the western style experience than anything out there," said Andy. We saw some historical ones, some modern ones and much more. We even looked at a photo album with some of the art pieces that were on the gallery.
"That was so enjoyable, dude."
"Yes. I even liked the cowboy art piece."
"I should come back again soon, man."
"Yeah. Even there's lot of stuff to see in Ukiah," said Candace.
"Well, let's head for home, friends. And, Myles, I think you may have a chance to see my family again," said Andy. And, we went to Andy's new home. I wondered what his home would be like.

We arrived at Andy's new home and I saw the exterior of it.
"Oh, my gosh. Look at that!" I stared in awe.
"I know, huh? I was thinking the same thing myself when I moved in," said my buddy.
So, we went into his new house and inside Andy's new house, it has a nice dining room, living room, and much more.
"Gosh, Andy. I don't think I've seen such a new home like this. It's the first time I have seen so much more inside, man."
"Well, there are still a few things to get settled on, but I'm really glad you're liking this new home. And, I have my room I want you to see, pal."
So, we went to his room and I see he's got a bed, a new HDTV and he's got his computer and his current works he's got on.
"Andy, I am very impressed. I mean, sure, it's not like I have seen some small stuff than this, but hey, I like how your style is."
"Well, at least there's some good stuff around, you know. Hey, I even have a few fictions featuring you," said Andy. I took a look on his old stories.
"Ah, how can I forget that first time when I was in your fictions, I met the cast of 'Phineas and Ferb', and that time I met some friends."
"Who can forget that time when I was on some adventures with you, buddy?"
"Those are still some great times, man," said Andy.
"You bet we're enjoying ourselves," said Candace. Then, a voice rang out.
"Andy? Brother, is that you?"
"Ah, that's my sister now." So, me and Andy went downstairs.
"Hey, sis. How are you?"
"Hi, brother." They hugged each other. "So, how was college?"
"It's been nice. A bit busy, but still a nice day, though," said Andy's sister. "Who's your friend?"
"Oh, this is my best buddy, Myles King. He's from Denver, CO."
"How are you doing?"
"Pleasure." I shook Andy's sister's hand gently.
"I've heard such nice stuff about you," I spoke.
"And Andy's told me about you, because he thinks you're a very nice guy."
"Well, you know, I'm trying to make a friendly experience and all."
"Say, Myles, why don't you make yourself right at home while I have a little family thing?" Andy offered.
"OK. Where is the guest room?"
"It's just downstairs next to the game room." So, I made my way to the guest room and I unpacked my suitcase and I even checked out some nice stuff downstairs.
"He sure has a wonderful home." I thought.

Later, I joined Andy and his family for a little dinner.
"So, you must be the friend of my son's, yes?" asked Andy's dad.
"Yes, sir, I am. Andy and I have been pals since 2010," I spoke.
"That's pretty wonderful," said Andy's mom. "So, where did you say you were from?"
"Denver, Colorado. The mile high city."
"I know, huh?" said Andy's sister.
"I haven't been to Colorado. But I hope maybe I could someday."
"Well, you know, you should go there. I think you might like Denver. There's a lot of nice people. And there are some rocky mountains, too." I spoke.
"That would be nice," said Andy's dad.
"Yes, it would, dad. Yes, it would."
So, we enjoyed ourselves and the family were just about to get settled.

Meanwhile, I was out in the backyard watching the beautiful night sky.
"Wow. It might be much beautiful than the city," I thought. Soon, Andy joined in.
"Hey, buddy. How are you enjoying our new home so far?" he asked.
"Oh, I think I like it, A. You know, come to think of it, I've never been to your old home, but I did see a little bit of it, though."
"Well, I think that old house has had pretty good memories, but now, someone could get that."
"I hope there's a nice family who will get that. Speaking of, I think your family was so wonderful, too."
"I'm glad you like my family. But, you know, buddy, you're kinda like a brother to me, you know that?"
"Really? Well, we are kindred spirits."
"Yes, we are. Say, Myles. Since you like our new home, how about we go downstairs to play some games?"
"Sure. First, I have a little gift I would like to give to you as something for a housewarming, dude." I went down to the guest room and took out a little gift for him. "I do hope you like it, because I'm getting to know you much more."
"Oh, thanks, M." He opened it and he discovered it was a gift card courtesy of one of my favorite places.
"Aww. Myles, that's very nice, pal." He hugged me because of that. "Thank you very much!"
"Don't mention it, pal."

So, we went to the game room where we played some pool. I made a few shots.
"You must be getting good at this," I spoke.
"It takes some practice, but yeah, I have an impressive skill like writing fan fiction and stuff," said Andy. A few moments later, there was one ball left: the 8-ball. I tried to get it in the pocket, but I missed. So, Andy was the one who made it in.
"Dang, A. I would've gotten it, but you're pretty good, man."
"I takes a lot of nerve and skill for that thing."
"What a great day this has been."
"Yes, it has, buddy. Well, I'm probably gonna get some rest. I hope to see you tomorrow, M."
"Same here, A." The lights were turned off in the game room and I got in the guest room and put my PJ's on and went to bed. I hope tomorrow in Ukiah will be so much more fun like that day.

Next day, I woke up and got myself ready for another adventure in Andy's new home. As I went upstairs, I noticed that there was a smell of pancakes and bacon. There, my buddy along with his mom and his favorite animated pals were having some breakfast.
"Hey, pal. Good morning," Andy greeted.
"Morning, A. Smells delicious in here," I spoke.
"I'm making some pancakes. Would you like some, dear?" asked Andy's mom.
"Oh, yes, please." I joined the dining table and had some breakfast. "So, Andy, what you got going?"
"Well, I have a little something with my family for a while, but I'm free later in the afternoon and evening."
"Hey, how about that jacuzzi you told me about earlier?"
"Well, you know, I never had friends join me for a fun time on the jacuzzi, but we can do that sometime."
"Cool." As soon as we finished some breakfast, Andy and his family were going out. Me, I took a little walk outside on a nice walk for a while.

Later that afternoon, I walked from his new home to a nice trail park which happens to be a shortcut to a hiking park.
"Oh, so cool. I'd like to do another hike." And so, I took a little hike to the woods and the trees and meadows were so peaceful.
"I don't get that kind of beautiful stuff in the city, but heck, this is beautiful here." And I stick around for a while until I came back to Andy's house. Also, Andy and his family returned after a few hours for some quality time.
"There you are, pal. Where have you been?" asked Andy.
"Oh, I took a little walk around in the woods. I got a little lost trying to get back, but thank goodness for trails, yeah?" I spoke. We all laughed at that.
"Well, since we have some afternoon left, how about we try out that jacuzzi?" said Andy.
"Of course."

So, Andy got a few animated friends of his to join him for some time in the jacuzzi and I went in my swimming trunks and my tank top and met up with Andy along with Candace, Jenny, Sunset Shimmer, Steven Universe and the gems for some time in the jacuzzi.
"Ooooooooooh, my. This is so nice," said Amethyst. "I needed that after a long day of the crystal adventures."
"Me too," said Steven.
"Same here," said Sunset.
"Your jacuzzi is pretty nice, A," I spoke.
"Well, back then, we never did have one at Santa Rosa. But I think this is pretty nice, too."
Candace brought in some drinks.
"Hey, guys. I got lemonade, cola and some sparkling cider," said Candace.
"I'll have some lemonade," I spoke.
"Me too!" said Jenny. We got what we wanted and I clinked the glass.
"I'd like to propose a toast... to our best pal, A for a new home and new adventures and also, I'm happy to share these wonderful adventures with my pal and many more to come," I proposed. "Cheers."
"Salute!" everybody cheered and drank. We had a little splash for a while and then we decided to cool off and relax.
"Like I said, A., nice jacuzzi."
"Glad you like it, M. You can say it was... pretty hot." We all laughed at that bit.
"That's a good one, Mylesy," said Jenny.
"'Mylesy?'" asked Pearl.
"We like a little pet names every now and then."
"My babygirl never stops to flirt around with me." Jenny giggles for that.
And my adventure with Andy and the others at Ukiah was getting more fun than ever.

Soon, a few days passed and it was time for me to return to my hometown.
"I have had a really wonderful time in this small town and in your new home," I spoke.
"We're so glad you did, buddy," said Andy.
"And it was nice to meet your family, too."
"We're glad to have met you, Myles. We hope you'll come again soon," said Andy's mom.
"You're always welcome because you're friends with our son," said Andy's dad.
"And maybe someday, you could even check out new destinations, too," said Andy's sis.
"Oh, I'm sure it will be a wonderful time."
"Yes, it will. Oh, and make sure you come see San Francisco. It's a wonderful, fabulous city, too. There's also the Golden Gate bridge out here, too."
"I'll take that into consideration, dude." So, I packed my suitcase and gave Andy a good-bye hug. I even shook the family's hands, too.
"Bye, Andy. Bye, Mantynen family! Thank you for the fun! Hope we get together again soon!" I said.
"See you soon, buddy!" said Andy.
I took a taxi to the airport and took a plane from the most nice and small town in California back to my most beautiful city and hometown of Denver, Colorado.

I have arrived back to Denver safely and went back to my own home.
"What an amazing adventure in Ukiah. Wait till my friends see some photos of this. Even my mom and dad would be surprised to see this," I spoke.
So, I unpacked my suitcase and relaxed for a while.
I couldn't wait to get more fun in my hometown. And I also couldn't wait to visit my old buddy in his home again soon.


I hope you enjoy your new home in this new small town, old buddy.
Myles visits Andy in Ukiah
For :icondandyandy1989:

I wrote a story about a visit to Andy's new home in Ukiah, California. He used to have his home from Santa Rosa, but his new home was very nice in Ukiah and he along with some of his favorite cartoon characters showed me around this nice small town. You're gonna love this.

Andy is :icondandyandy1989:
All the characters belong to their respective owners
Myles is me
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A great night on The Price is Right Live!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 3, 2015, 10:34 PM
Well, you guys, I want to tell you... I've had a blast seeing "The Price is Right" LIVE! It was live at the Bellco Theater in Downtown Denver. I got me a ticket, registered to hopefully come on down and I was psyched for this experience! And even though nobody called me down(they would've said "Myles King, come on down! You're the next contestant on the 'Price is Right'!"), I did not feel too disappointed and I know I'm still a winner to everybody I know and love and what matters to me is that I've enjoyed a great show tonight.

Also, to my pal Andy a.k.a. :icondandyandy1989:, thank you for those kind, uplifting words before I went to the show. No matter what happens, I will continue to be a winner. And, maybe next time, when I get on a game show, maybe I could win real money and fabulous prizes. :D

And if there's anybody out there who are "Price is Right" fans like me, maybe someday, you could go to that live show and hopefully try out for that someday.

That's all I have to say for now. Thank you for reading and as Bob and Drew would say: "Help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered". See ya next time, everybody! :bye:


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