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Wow! Another awesome, fantastic, super-fine drawing from the master of drawing himself. This drawing of me as the 2nd Dimension counter...

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I've joined dA on July 1, 2007. Ever since that day, I thought people never enjoyed my special experiences and stuff, but with inspirations and determination from my friends, I knew that nothing can stop me from bringing the most special imaginations to the art world and at dA.

Before I joined dA, I've been watching cartoons when I was 7 and there was never a doubt that I have so much love, happiness and excitement to live for and pursue my dreams to become an actor, musician and imagination master and deviantArt is where I begin through my most fabulous journey like never before.

For 7 years on dA, I've been bringing so much imaginations and much more. And since 2011, I've created some fan fictions like the story on when I saved my friends from evil dudes, hosting "Wheel of Fortune" and one of the most popular fan fictions I've done "Myles and Friends: The re-imagining of Tomorrow Never Dies" where I join forces with the characters of "Danny Phantom" and "Phineas and Ferb" to defeat the evil Dr. Doofenshmritz from bringing the most crazy news story ever.

Also, on some fantastic occasions, I've invited my dA pals to be in my art and in fan fictions and most of my fans were into my fun experience, most of them aren't too crazy about me, but still, I try to bring experience to fans and friends and many more.

Like my best buddy, Andrew a.k.a. :icondandyandy1989:, I happen to be a huge fan of "Phineas and Ferb", one of the most popular cartoons on Disney Channel. I've started watching this awesome show since I was 19. I've seen such great episodes, seen awesome specials like "Summer Belongs to You" and the original movie "Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension". Also, I've seen the special live show based on the best show. I saw it live at the Bellco Theater (formerly Wells Fargo Theater) at Colorado Convention Center on February 2012. I loved it!

And, on December 2013, I officially became a "brony" since watching the hit animated series on the Hub: "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", a show about 6 poines learning about friendship and adventures. Most of my friends aren't too crazy about "My Little Pony", but my pal Michael a.k.a. :icontrainman3985: is. Also, the franchise has been around for 31 years. And even though some people may try to ridicule me for watching girl cartoons, I'm not gonna let that stop me.

And, if that's not enough, I've done deviation milestones. Every 50 deviations, I bring a deviation milestone and share those moments with my favorite animated characters and best friends. My favorite ones are when I hit my 1,000th deviation, I did a deviation special which was live from L.A., in my 1,500th deviation, I did a special concert, my 1,888th deviation was when my friends did a little roast on me, but in a funny and sweet way, my 2,100th deviation was when we had a party at a fictional place called "Myles' Lucky 7 Casino and Arcade" and the best part was on my 2,500th deviation when my best buddy Andy and I hosted "The Price is Right" to honor my deviation special.

And now, I couldn't end my dA story without giving a big shout-out to my favorite dA friends.

First and foremost, my 1st best buddy, Andrew or as I like to call him Dandy Andy a.k.a. :icondandyandy1989:, he's been a very good friend since January 2010 and has done some awesome fictions and invited me in his stories. Most recently, I was in my 100th fiction of his story where I teamed up with the "Street Fighter" characters. You rock, Andy! Also, he and I are like kindred spirits. We're like brothers. We love "Phineas and Ferb", cartoons, fun times and most of all, we share awesome adventures together.

Frank a.k.a. :iconsithvampiremaster27:, who also happens to be a very special friend of mine and we've shared a lot of fun times together. I was in his art since I requested some art ideas. Also, I was in 2 of his fantastic adventures: "Quest for the Lost Action Figures" and "Look for the Cartoonist". 2 awesome adventures. I can always count on him to bring fun, imagination and experience to those who like his art.

Michael a.k.a. :icontrainman3985:, he's been so good at helping those who are in trouble in his art world. Also, I liked him in his cat form and I don't care what people say about him just as long as he keeps on doin' what he does best.

Yar a.k.a. :iconyartavdhladleklwa:, he's such a cool dude. He and I like "Phineas and Ferb" and we share the most hot, sexy things in art and much more. And ain't nothin' wrong with urges with seeing the "Phineas and Ferb" girls in sexy style. You go, boy!

Wayne a.k.a. :iconanimekid0839:, one of the most coolest guys in my world. He's got great OC's like Kam-Kam and Bridget. Now, I'm no Drew Carey, but I know what funny stuff is all about. He and I share some funny stuff and bring great memories together.

Hershey a.k.a. :iconhershey990:, she's a sweetie. She's like a sister to me and a close friend. She likes "disrespectiods" and she always supports me for creating something fun. You don't know how much you mean to me, Hershey, 'cause you are as sweet as candy, baby. :giggle:

Joey a.k.a. :iconthegr8estone:, one of my new friends. He and I do some roleplay together. And we both share a little sweet "you-know-what" on animated and artistic girls, 'cause believe me, it's human nature to have some love for the girls, you know what I mean?

Rodolfo a.k.a. Rod and :iconlightningrod728:, another new best pal since Andy and Rod have been friends for too long. He might like a little dark style, but I know there's a bright experience for this great fellow. He's a great fella and he and I are both fans of Andy's fabulous stories. Always have and will be a fan of that.

My girl, Hope a.k.a. :iconcaligirl2323:, who's a sweet person to me. She may have some bad experiences in real life, but when she's at dA, I am like a brother to her and I try my best to tell her never to let the bad things get to the best of her. I know what it's like to feel down and out, but I know, there's love and hope that will pull through. Never stop dreaming, Hope and I still love you.

Damon a.k.a. :icondsguy411:, he's most awesome and I know this guy for a while. And, just like Andy, he's also a big "Phineas and Ferb" fan. Not often I see him bring fabulous experiences and ideas in the DA world, but most of the time, when I come to his page, I always want to see what he can do. You keep doin' what you doin', dude.

And finally, :iconrareware64:, for being the most supportive fan yet. I don't know how glad I am to have anyone like this fan like him, but every fan is wonderful.

My fans and friends, I hope you enjoyed my deviantArt story. I hope to bring you more big adventures, super awesome fun, sharing moments, making a lot of friends and much more. It has been a true blessing to me as it has been to you. And as always, stay cool, be kind to one another and keep God in first place: He will take you places that you've never dreamed of. And a big happy birthday to dA as they celebrate 14 years. God bless you, dA.

Myles a.k.a. mylesterlucky7
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My name is Myles King.

I love reading, fan fictions, cartoons, game shows, video games, friends and much more. I even love going out anywhere like parties, arcade places, movies, restaurants and pretty much anything.

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