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Myles-2D by RedJoey1992

Wow! Another awesome, fantastic, super-fine drawing from the master of drawing himself. This drawing of me as the 2nd Dimension counter...

Twas The Night Before Arousal by CreativeMaximus

Wow! That Kitty is sho' nuff sexy on Dudley. A nice picture on a sweet holiday. That picture kind of reminds me of feeling this hot, sw...

Isabella As Kitty Katswell by MasterghostUnlimited

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro as T.U.F.F. Puppy's Kitty Katswell is definitely awesome! If you haven't seen this, you might want to check it ...

I'm a fabulous fan of...

Do you think I could make a Spring Break story? 

8 deviants said Yes! It will be so much fun!
No deviants said No, it's be a waste of time.



Having a gyro sandwich and fries by mylesterlucky7
Having a gyro sandwich and fries
I had a gyro sandwich and fries for dinner. I love these things. Delicious.
Myles and Friends in 5 days of Spring Break fun
by Myles King


It's a beautiful day in Denver, Colorado. I'm chilling out at my home watching a few movies on TV. I laughed at a few scenes.
"Pretty cool to see how 2 guys go along without harming anybody."
After the movie, I was out and about for a while.
"It's so nice to enjoy the sunshine," I spoke. As I was walking about, I heard a cool "My Little Pony" song ringtone on my phone. I answered it and it was my Equestrian friend, Twilight Sparkle.
"Hi, Myles. How's it going?" said Twilight.
"I'm doing fine. Just enjoying my day outside with beautiful weather."
"That's great. Hey, my friends and I are visiting Denver for a while and we thought maybe you could get all your friends to have fun sometime. Maybe go out to some fun places and stuff."
"Sure. I'd be happy to take you all out for some fun times and all," I spoke.
"Great! We will meet you at your home tomorrow and we'll do a great spring break fun thing."
"I look forward to it."
"Me too. See you soon!"
And with that, we hung up. I was so excited to enjoy a spring break with my friends.


The next day, I woke up, had my shower and breakfast and watching some daytime TV. Soon, I heard a knock on the door and answered it. It was my friends from Ponyville, Danville and Denbourne. Even my best buddies Andy, Frank and Rod were here too.
"Hey, Myles," said Twilight.
"Hiya, guys. Glad you came to see me," I spoke.
"So, where do you guys want to go on our spring break week?"
"Well, how about we do a movie? I hear the new action movie is awesome!" said Rainbow Dash.

And so, we went to the Regal Cinemas Continental 10 to see that new action movie. We all got our popcorn, drinks and candy. We gasped at some crazy action scenes we've never seen before.
"Wow! That is some crazy action around," said Andy.
"I can tell. I've never seen anything like that," I spoke.
"I'm not that much of action movie fan, but... it's pretty cool," said Fluttershy nervously sipping her drink and Rarity was holding her hand.
Some of us enjoyed the movie while some were a bit scared of dangerous action. After the movie, we went down to Chili's for some lunch.
"Wow, did you see how that guy used their karate moves?" asked Andy.
"Yeah. This guy was like -- Boom! Smack! Ka-pow! I wish I'd do that to some bullies messing with my sister," said Rainbow Dash as we laughed.
"Well, at least not everybody's violent," said Jackie. We all agreed.
"So, whaddya think we should do next, huh?" asked Applejack.
We all thought about it and we decided to go...
"Bowling!" said the boys.
"Yeah. Let's do some bowling tomorrow, huh?" I spoke.
"Absolutely, darling," said Rarity.


We went down to Monaco Lanes to play some bowling. It was the girls vs. boys in different alleys. Rainbow Dash went first and she bowled a spare.
"That would've been nice to get a strike, but still, that was a great start," said Rainbow.
"My turn," said Kevin. He then bowled a strike! "Yes!" The boys cheered for him while the girls applauded.
"Nice move, pardner," said AJ.
"Thanks, Applejack," said Kevin. The next alley was me vs. Candace. I bowled a double.
"Whoo-yah!" I cheered.
"Nice move, but check this out!" said Candace as she did a special move and hit a strike, too.
"Now, that's what I'm talking about!" said Candace.
"You're pretty good, Candy," said Andy.
"Thanks. I have pretty good skills." we hi-fived each other and we continued bowling until we got ourselves some snacks.
"I must admit, Mylester, that was very impressive the way you did 2 doubles in a game," said Fatty.
"I'm gettin' better, you know. I've been doing bowling for a long time," I spoke.
"Let's have a toast. To a really fantastic day and continuing our spring break ever!" Pinkie proposed.
"Cheers!" we all spoke as we drank up.


After a day at work, I went to meet my friends at the Aurora Mall where me and my friends are doing a little browsing. Heather, Twilight, Vanessa, Tammy and Sunset Shimmer were at Hot Topic checking out some music, clothing and accessories and they got a few things. Kevin, Vince, Jeff, Neil, Ron, Heather, Burke, Eddie, Fatty and Jackie are at Old Navy trying out some nice outfits and shoes, The "Phineas and Ferb" gang, me, Andy, Frank and Rod were at the Tilt Entertainment Center playing some games and we were cheering on and playing some cool games.
After a little while of fun at the mall, we went up to the food court.
"This is really more awesome than I've even dreamed of," said Fluttershy.
"I'm with you on that. This mall really rocks. Like in our world," said Sunset Shimmer.
"Yes, I go there sometimes when I need a little getaway from work and all," I spoke.
"Really?" asked Pinkie.
"Well, every now and then on weekends, give or take."
"You guys should check out my mall in San Francisco, guys. It's pretty fun, too," said Andy.
"Yeah, my bromigo and I in stories go to the mall most of the time," said Rod. They all agreed.
"I think I can take that into consideration," said Twilight.

And there was only 2 more days of Spring Break Fun left.


Friday afternoon was when me and my pals were going out on a light rail ride to Lakewood where we saw a few places around like Bel-Mar mall and Red Rocks.
"I've never even been to Red Rocks, but I hear tell they have concerts there," said Annette.
"Yes, Annie. It's beautiful to see views around and fun to go to concerts and much more," I spoke.
"Even some plants down and this place are beautiful," said Jenny. "Like a peace lily." she pointed out the flower and we awed on it.
"It's truly peaceful," said Fluttershy. We took some pictures at Red Rocks, including a selfie of me, Jenny and Sunset, a pic of Andy and Rod and a group shot together.
"This day has been getting purty amazing, sugarcube!" said Applejack.
"You said it, dude!" said Rainbow Dash.
"But it gets even better," Frank spoke.
And on that evening, we went to Greenwood Village to have dinner at one of my most favorite places: Pappadeaux Restaurant where we had a fish dinner.
"That catfish is totally delicious!" said Arlene.
"I love this shrimp, too, man. Absolutely delish," said Neil. Even our families were enjoying it.
"YOu come to this place all the time, Mr. Myles' dad?" asked Phineas.
"Well, me and my son come on several occasions, but it has a nice taste in there," said my dad.
"I agree." I spoke as I was having a sip of my drink. We all enjoyed our dinner and then we went on home till tomorrow.

SATURDAY -- The final day

Saturday was karaoke afternoon where we got a chance to touch our inner musical style.
"OK, who gets to start the singing off first?" Frank asked. Pinkie Pie sang "Vogue" by Madonna, then Candace and Jeremy did a duet, Andy sang a super awesome rock song, Frank did a heavy metal song and the rest goes on.
Finally, I got to sing and I did a duet with my babygirl, Jenny. We sang "Endless Love". After that, she kissed me and we all cheered on how great we sang some beautiful and awesome songs at the karaoke place. Soon, after this was over, we had snacks and drinks to celebrate.
"Well, that was a great time doing karaoke," said Jenny. "I even did a duet with my sweetheart, too."
"I'm glad, too. It's been the best spring break ever. I enjoyed having fun with you all."
"You said it, Mylesy! I love doing fun things with you, too," said Jackie.
"Shannon, too. It was an awesome time and I hope we can all get together soon," said Shannon.
"Yeah." we all spoke in agreement.
"I guess we should all make a toast to another great spring break. Cheers!"
We all clinked the glasses and drank up. And we did another group pic to make this a spring break to remember.

A few days later...

I posted up some of the photos of spring break on Facebook and my friends liked it and commented me on some stuff.
"No doubt about it. It was definitely the best spring break fun ever. I hope maybe next year will be something special," I spoke. I went on the couch and watched a little TV to relax. Who knows what next years spring break would be.

Myles and Friends 5 days of Spring Break fun
Here's my fun story of me and my friends take 5 days of Spring Break fun. This one I did is friendly-oriented. It features some of my friends from "Phineas and Ferb", "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls", "John and Arlene", Andy, Frank and Rod. Enjoy.

"Phineas and Ferb" belongs to Disney, Povenmire, Marsh
"My Little Pony: Eqeustria Girls" belong to Faust, DHX Media, Hasbro Studios
Andy is :icondandyandy1989:
Frank and his OC's are :iconsithvampiremaster27:
Rod is :iconlightningrod728:
Myles is yours truly.
Muscle bound Myles title card by mylesterlucky7
Muscle bound Myles title card
I did a title card on :icondandyandy1989:'s story on how I became a big muscled dude.

You can see this story:…

Myles is me

Tagged again!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 24, 2015, 5:56 PM
Tagged by :iconrareware64:

His questions:
1. What game do you feel is underrated?
Sonic the Hedgehog

2. What game do you feel is overrated?
Lots of action games

3. How would you want to improve Deviantart itself?
I would improve dA by showing a little love for imaginations and inspire the dA members to find a special experience.

4. How would you improve your least favorite shows?
With characters that are nicer and less nasty.

5. How would you improve your least favorite games?
Action games: Lots of danger and excitement
Video games based on movies: Cool characters and fabulous adventures.

6. Do you think The Simpsons should end somewhere in either 2015 or 2016?
2016. (Although I would feel sad to see the longest running animated series die)

7. Who are your artistic influences?
Lot of great artists like Dan Povenmire, Lauren Faust and my best pals: :icondandyandy1989: and :iconsithvampiremaster27:.

8. Do you think Microsoft deserved to buy Rare in 2002?

9. Do you think Nintendo should not have gone to Phillips back in May 1991?

10. What studios do you think deserved better or worse?
I think DHX Media, Disney Animation, Paramount, Warner Bros deserve better and some foreign studios dserver worse.

Now, for my questions:
1. Which animated series do you think is still your favorite?
2. Which video game would you like to play if you went to an arcade?
3. Who would you run to if you ever had any problems in your life?
4. What is your favorite and least favorite episode of your favorite cartoon?
5. Have you ever been on a cruise? If so, which cruise and where did you go?
6. Do you think "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" will continue on?
7. Which music genre suits your style?
8. Which Hollywood studio would you visit if you plan to go to L.A.?
9. Do you think wearing leather jackets are awesome?
10. What would you do with $100,000?

I'm tagging:
:iconsithvampiremaster27:, :icontrainman3985:, :iconthegr8estone:, :iconbrainstormer623:, :iconanimekid0839:, :iconrareware64:, :iconasalover:, :iconfidoartz:, :iconhershey990: :icondandyandy1989:

And if nobody wants to be tagged, you can answer my questions.

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My Little Pony Personality Test!
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