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Who is your favorite character from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"? 

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Myles and Andrew's 5th anniversary story
by Myles King

Today, in my beautiful hometown of Denver, Colorado, me, Myles King and my best buddy, Andrew "Andy" Mantynen are celebrating our 5th anniversary of our friendship. I was dressed in my purple shirt, blue jeans, my favorite tennis shoes and I put on this special necklace to remember the time me and Andy met.
"I'm so looking forward to this for a long time," I spoke. "Me and my best buddy celebrating 5 years of our friendship."
Soon, I put on my leather jacket and I'm ready for this event. I got out of the house and was on my way to see Andy.

Meanwhile, at downtown Denver at a hotel, Andy was also getting ready for this event.
"I can't believe this is happening. Our 5th anniversary of me and Myles' friendship," he spoke. He got on his dark blue dress shirt, tan pants and gray blazer. He made sure he had everything. His hotel key, phone and the things that hold him dear. He left the hotel and was on his way to see me. Just then, when he was walking down the Denver Pavilions, he saw me playing a piano close to the mall. He walked over and applauded for me.
"Thank you. Thank you very much," I thanked. Suddenly, I recognized his face.
"Andy? I can't believe it! I was doing a little music before seeing you and here you are hearing my music. Cool."
"Well I was meeting you somewhere, but I didn't need to look no further," said my best buddy.
"Awesome. Well, happy 5th anniversary, buddy."
"You too, pal." we both hugged and did a little handshake.
"It's nice that you're visiting Denver to celebrate our friendship, man."
"I wouldn't miss it."
"So what you want to do first?"

Well, the first thing we're doing is having lunch at Maggiano's Little Italy. We're having some breadsticks for an appetizer and we got to drink some sodas.
"To our fifth year of friends. May it continue to our great experiences," I spoke.
"Cheers," said Andy as we raised our glasses and clinked.
"I must admit. We've had some fabulous times over the past 5. Even when we first met."
"I agree. We've met since we have been fans of 'Phineas and Ferb', one of the most popular cartoons on Disney."
"Yeah. Of course, Jenny happens to be my most favorite next to Candace, Vanessa and P and F themselves."
"No kidding." Just then, we got our entrees. I got my most favorite: Chicken Parmigana and Andy has himself a classic spaghetti dish with vegetarian sauce.
"Oh, man, that is so delish," I spoke.
"I can't wait to dine on that!" said Andy. We got our entrees eaten and we continued our talk for a while. After some lunch, we paid our bills and left the place.

Next up, we went on the light rail from Downtown Denver to Park Meadows for a little trip to the mall.
"This is a really cool place, dude," said A as we got off the light rail and into the mall.
"Yeah. I don't go there often, but it's nice to go out for a while," I spoke. We then went to a few shops like the Disney store where he got a few action figures and I got a DVD and a t-shirt.
"You know, the Disney store reminds me of seeing Disney movies when we were young."
"I can tell. I've been a Disney fan for as long as I can remember."
"Of course, when in our 3rd year of our friendship, you and I and a few others did a movie about friendship. I wrote the story about it."
"Yeah, that was pretty cool, man."
We then went to get a snack from the food court. We got some ice cream.
"I remember when I watched an episode when Candace was worried that Jeremy was busy and felt down, her friend Stacy was gonna get some ice cream, but in the end, she notices Jeremy working there and surprises her with a carriage ride," I spoke.
"No kidding. That was sweet of him to do that," said Andy. Soon, we left the mall, and moved on to the light rail back to Denver.

With only a few hours before sunset, I took him to one of my favorite places that I've been a regular there: Dave and Buster's. We played up some games like the dancing game called "Pump it up".
"You got some soul-style moves, Mylester!" said Andy.
"Thanks. I thing you got some soul, too, man," I spoke. Soon after that, we went to the mega Stacker game. Andy won 1,000 tickets for making it too the top. For me, I played safe and won 200 tickets.
Then, we went upstairs to play Pac-Man Battle Royale with a couple patrons. We both beat the opponents in all three, but Andy won 2 rounds and I only won 1.
"You're pretty impressive than I thought you'd be, dude."
"Thank you, Myles. YOu were good, too."
Then we went to the ticket redemption section where we pooled in together to get 2 stuffed animals. He got a pink teddy bear and I got a stuffed version of Minnie Mouse.
"That's so cute getting a pink teddy bear. Maybe you should give it to your friend, Jennette."
"That'd be nice. Maybe you can share Minnie with someone, too."
"Yeah. Hey, you remember when you wrote a story on me and Candace going to the arcade?"
"I do remember. It was fun when you and your friend played some great games."
"I never forget that moment.
Soon we left the arcade, but our 5th anniversary is yet to be over.

Next up, Andy chose the next location to go to. He chose to take another light rail ride to go to Pepsi Center where we went to a rockin' concert. We all cheered on and grooved the night away.
"This is awesome! How did you get tickets to this awesome event?!" I asked.
"Well, I had a friend of mine who loves rock and roll, so he gave me some because he's a music fanatic, man!" shouted Andy.
"That's so cool, bro!"
"Yo, M, remember the time when we did our concert on your 2,080th deviation?"
"I believe so. We did this 80's style! It was way awesome, man!"
"No kidding. I was born in the late 80's and I still enjoyed 80's music, too!"
We were continuing on until 9pm. We just left the arena and we headed back to Downtown Denver.

We were about to call it a night, but before we do, Andy showed me a few photos of our special day.
"Wow. We shared a toast, took a light rail ride, bought some new things and lots more!" I spoke. "What a day."
"Absolutely, my friend. And our 5th anniversary of our friendship has been a blast. I look forward to many years to come," said Andy.
"Me too. Happy anniversary, man."
"Same to you, my friend." We hugged once more before parting off.
"See you soon!"
"Later, old pal!" And Andy went back to his hotel and I took a bus back home. We've had a great friendship anniversary. 5 years of our friendship and nothing will destroy our friendship no matter what happens.


Happy 5th Anniversary to the friendship of Myles "Mylesterlucky7" King and Andrew "Dandy Andy" Mantynen!!
Myles and Andrew's 5th Anniversary story
A gift for my best pal :icondandyandy1989:

I wrote a friendship story in honor of me and Andy's friendship celebrating its 5th anniversary. It's one where me and Andy go out on a day on the town. We also did some reminiscing of those times we've shared together.

Happy anniversary, pal, God bless you and I hope you enjoy it.

Andy is :icondandyandy1989:
Myles is me
Dr. Pepper ribs at Chili's by mylesterlucky7
Dr. Pepper ribs at Chili's
Hey, you know that sometimes it's crazy to hae soda in your food? Well, this is the reason. After the nuggets game, dad and I went to Chili's to have some dinner and I got some soda-infused ribs. It's with Dr. Pepper and mmm-mmm! It is delicious.

February 2015 premieres!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 29, 2015, 5:25 PM
( "mylesterlucky7" intro Valentine's Day style )

Hello, everybody. Myles a.k.a. mylesterlucky7 welcoming you to another premiere update. As you know, we had a very good start to 2015 with new experiences and much more. Also, i'd like to give a big shout-out to my brother, my best friends at dA: Mr. Andrew "Dandy Andy" Mantynen a.k.a. :icondandyandy1989: as we celebrate our 5th year of our friendship. We may have some good times and some bad times, but our friendship will keep growing strong. Happy 5 years, old pal. Now, let's do the previews.

Since Valentine's Day is coming, I'm planning to do a romantic MexJenny story. Why, you ask? Because I've been a fan of Jenny from "Phineas and Ferb" my favorite cartoon and I like to do it on some occasions. And I'm planning to do some Valentine's love art for everybody.

Also, it's black history month, too and I'm African-American and I may have a black movie i'd like to review if you wouldn't mind.

And, some big news, my friend Frank a.k.a. :iconsithvampiremaster27: is opening up the new comic called "The Con Cometh", kinda like the "Game of Thrones" epic where the Denbourne kids and frineds go to the con and take on some things we've never faced before.

And, on Feb. 11, I'm going to be performing at Cassleman's. Bar and Venue. I will show you some photos from the show. And I'm gonna be opening up some photos of some fantastic events during February.

That will do it for my premiere update for February. Hope you have a loving month and a blessed weekend soon. Till next time, this is Myles a.k.a. mylesterlucky7 reminding you to keep God first place. He'll take you places that you've never dreamed. Thank you for reading. See you soon.

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My name is Myles King.

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Favourite genre of music: Jazz, Gospel, Soul, R&B
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Personal Quote: "Never give up, believe your dreams."

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