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Myles, Candace, and Stacy get Spanked
by Myles King
originally by PFObsessed

One day, Myles, Candace and Stacy are hanging out at the Flynn-Fletcher home on a fine afternoon. He was very
glad to enjoy a nice day with his two favorite girls. "Myles, I am really glad you could come and spend some time with us."
said Candace. "Hey, no sweat. I love having fun with friends like Phineas, Ferb and you guys." said Myles. "I know, huh?"
said Stacy. "well, as long as we stay out of trouble, we'll do fine," said Myles as they all laughed. Then, they went up
to Candace's room to listen to some rock and roll music. "Wow1 This rock music is awesome." said Myles. "Yeah! My brothers
are also awesome musicians. They play guitars." said Candace. "Well, I play piano." said Myles. "Cool!" said Candace and
Stacy as they continued dancing. Myles always loved rockin' and rollin'. Of course, his parents don't usually rock and roll
yet they love to get their groove on. As they continued to groove, Myles turned it up a little bit louder and
continued to groove until Candace's mom came in and screamed as they played rock music too loud. "Myles! Candace! Stacy!
Turn down that music!" shouted Linda. Myles did so. Then Linda calmly took a breath. Myles and his friends loved having fun
and listening to music just as long as Linda told his children to keep the music down. "Hey, Mrs. F. Sorry about that.
We were having so much fun." said Myles. "Well, that's great, dear, but I just don't want you to go too loud, the neighbors
might hear." said Linda. "Oh, do not even worry about that, mom." Candace protested as Myles smiled gladly. "We know
how to handle the music." "Yes. Yes, we do." Stacy agreed. "Well, that's nice, but maybe you guys should keep the music
a little less loud before I get delirious." said Linda in a strict voice. Myles was shocked about this. "Are you threatening
us, huh?!" shouted Myles. "No. No, i'm not, but I will do something hard on you if you don't stop acting rebellious." said
Linda. Myles wasn't afraid of her, neither was Candace and Stacy. "Oh, yeah? What are you going to do, spank us for acting
like rock and roll rebels?" said Stacy, as Myles and Candace laughed. But Linda was not going to stand by and let her
get insulted that way. "Well, I wouldn't try it, because you're not rebels." said Linda, as Myles, Candace and Stacy sighed
in relief. "But I will give you guys a spanking you're not going to soon forget." she continued as the 3 youngsters gasp.

Myles was shocked about this. "No! Not that!" screamed Myles. "Yeah, you can't do this to me. It's one thing getting in
trouble with Phineas and Ferb, but I can't let you spank me for something me and my friends would never do." said Candace.
"Well, I know you've never been spanked, not since you were 8, but I'm doing this to teach you not to be rebellious."
said Linda. "OK." said Candace, as Linda sat down on her bed. "Now, Candace, I understand you love to have fun,
but if you break the rules, that means
you would get in trouble. So, I think you will get one first, then Myles and then Stacy. OK, Candace, remove your skirt and
come closer." Candace gasped in surprise, so did Myles and Stacy. "OK, Mom." said Candace as she turned her face red,
blushing as she undid her belt and pulled her skirt down slowly to his ankles. After that, she stepped out of her skirt to
reveal her pink and white undies. She shuffled forward and Linda reached out and yanked down her underpants. Candace was
blushing even more and is almost crying. "Wow, Candace. I've never seen you surprised like this before." said Linda. Myles
gasped in surprise as he and Stacy saw Candace's fine ass. "Wow, she really is gonna get her cutie ass red," he thought.
"All right, you can lie down on my lap so I can spank you." said Linda. Candace gulped nervously, then laid across her
thighs. "Please, mom. Not too hard." said Candace as she whimpered. "Relax, sweetheart. I'm only getting started."
said Linda, as she pulled her shirt up slowly and stroked her skin on her back from just under her shoulder blades, down to
the small of her back, caressing her shapely butt cheeks. She gently pressed her butt with a finger, and enjoyed feeling
her shiver. She continued down the back of her thighs to behind her knees, making Candace moan in pleasure.
Then, she lifted her hand up, and Candace closed her eyes getting ready for the first smack. Linda then brought her
hand down, smacking her ass hard. "OW!" screamed Candace. She then started smacking Candace's ass even harder and faster
and Candace was screaming like crazy. After 50 spanks, Candace was now crying and begging for mom to stop spanking her.
"Candace, will you promise to not play the music loud?" asked Linda. Candace couldn't answer, and Linda continues
spanking her. "OW! OW! Mom, please stop! I promise I will keep the music down!" answered Candace as she continued crying.

Then, Linda stopped spanking her. She helped Candace up and hugged her. Her bottom was even redder like Candace's face.
As Candace went on her knees on her bed, Linda asked Myles to come closer. He did so. "OK, Myles, it's your turn. Pull
down your pants and undies and lay over my lap." ordered Linda. "What?" asked Myles, scared. "There's nothing wrong with
being naked, you know." said Linda, as Myles pull down his pants and boxers exposing his black bare bottom. Then, he
laid down on her lap as Candace did. "Go ahead, Mrs. F. I'm ready." said Myles. "Oh, I will." said Linda, as she rubbed
his ass first, then under his shirt, she rubbed his back. Then this is where it gets very painful. She raised her hand up
and started spanking his ass. Myles screamed a little, but he didn't cry. SMACK! SMACK! "Oh, dude! She's got to do
better than that," thought Myles as Linda was smacking his ass. Then, his butt was getting redder.
Linda was surprised Myles was enjoying this, so she continued doing it to Myles real hard and he was moaning like crazy.
Then, it got too much. "Mrs. F, you can stop spanking me." said Myles, but Linda couldn't hear him. Then Candace screamed,
"Mom, you can stop spanking him! I mean, he has had enough!" "Oh, OK." said Linda as she stopped spanking him. "OK, Myles,
you can lay next to Candace while I finish with Stacy." said Linda. Myles joined Candace on the bed as Linda grabbed Stacy
by the arm.

Stacy was getting angry. "Mrs. Flynn, I will not let you do this to me!" shouted Stacy. "Oh, yes, I will.
After this is over,I only ask for you to never do a bad thing again." said Linda. "OK, Mrs. Flynn."
said Stacy as Linda pulled off her skirt and yanked her purple panties down to her ankles exposing her ass.
Then, Stacy laid on her lap, Linda then rubbed her ass and started spanking her ass. Stacy didn't waste no time screaming
and crying like crazy. After about 60 hard spanks, Linda was nearly finished spanking her. "Stacy, I appriciate you taking
a spanking and being brave on this. Now, I want you to promise me you will never act like a bad girl." said Linda.
"Y-y-yes, ma'am. I will never misbehave a-a-gain." said Stacy, as she was crying her eyes out. Then she finished her
hand spanking. As Linda helped Stacy up, Linda then spoke, "Wait right here a moment. I got something to take out."
"OK." said Myles, Candace and Stacy. Then Linda left. As they rubbed their bottoms, they are so glad that this is over.
"Thank goodness that's over. It hurts so damn bad." said Myles. "I know, but at least she did us in really well."
said Candace." "I hope we understand that it's fun to listen to some music, but if you play it too loud, your parents
will get mad." said Stacy. "Yes. Yes, they will. And I'm glad we learned our lesson." said Myles. "Me too." said Candace.
"Let's promise never too get in trouble of playing music too loud." said Myles. "Agreed." said Candace, as she and Stacy
hugged Myles.

Just then, Linda came into the room with healing room. She saw the youngsters sharing a moment. She was
so happy for them. "OK, kids. You learned your lesson, right?" asked Linda. "Yes. Yes, we did." said Myles. "Good. Here's
some healing cream to heal your burned butts." said Linda as they smiled. She then supllied a little cream on Candace's
sore ass. She winced a little, but then she felt the pleasure and healing of the cream that did wonders. Then, Linda
did the same to Myles and Stacy. "Thanks, Mrs. F. You're a great person." said Myles. "No problem, Myles." said Linda as
she hugged Myles, Candace and Stacy. After that, Myles, Candace and Stacy pulled up their pants and undies up and came
downstairs. "Hey, guys. Next time we get together, let's not do any more trouble again." said Myles. "Sounds good to me."
said Candace. "No problem." said Stacy. And they have learned their lesson.

Here's a remake of PFObsessed's fan fiction story.

original fan fic by PFObsessed
PNF (c) Disney Channel

Fan fiction created by Myles "mylesterlucky7" King
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