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Wheel of Fortune dA edition 2
by Myles King

Myles: Today's a special day on "Wheel of Fortune". We invited 3 members of deviantArt to join us for a fun ride to win some cash and prizes. And, one of them will win the ultimate grand prize of $250,000. Get ready. It's "Wheel of Fortune"'s dA edition number 2.

(cheers and applause)

(techno-rock music playing)

(season 2 logo)

Myles:  What's up, dudes and dudettes? Welcome to "Wheel of Fortune". I'm Myles King, your host. Everybody, please put your hand together for my co-host, Ms. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz.


Vanessa: Hey, Myles.

Myles: Hey, V. You look super-fine today.

Vanessa: Thanks, Myles. You, too.

(Myles giggles)

Myles: Well, I try to look cool. Well, today, as I said, is a special day on "Wheel" and we have 3 dA members who have been invited to our show today to compete for cash and prizes. Players, I want to wish you all good luck. We're not gonna waste too much time, so we're gonna get started. Our first toss-up is worth $1,000. PROPER NAME is the category, and my girl, Vanessa will get us started right now.

(music begins)

(bell dings)

Myles: It's Brandon.


Myles: That's it. $1,000 for Brandon B. He is known as carabao89. Welcome, Brandon.

Brandon: Thanks, Myles. What's happenin'?

Myles: I'm great, thank you. So, what brings you to the show.

Brandon: I've been a member of dA for about 3 months. I'm a very good drawer, too.

Myles: Nice. And, tell me about you.

Brandon: Well, I'm from Canada, the home of the Maple Leafs. I've been a fan of cartoons and I have my family and friends in Canada supporting me and they're all cheering for me back home.

Myles: That's nice. Well, we're glad you could join us, Brandon. Have fun and good luck.

Brandon: Thank you.

Myles: Next up is Tanner Clason a.k.a. TheRandomClassic. How are you, Tanner?

Tanner: Great, dude.

Myles: Awesome. Tell me about you.

Tanner: I've been with deviantArt for 2 years. I've made a lot of friends and I have some OC's of mine. I did some art and fan fiction and I enjoy watching a little bit of movies, music and anything I like doing in real life.

Myles: Sweet. I guess you can say most people have good taste in anything fun, eh?

(audience laughing)

Myles: Well, Tanner, it's great to have you here. And, you too, Damon. He's Damon Swartz a.k.a. dsguy411. Damon, it's an honor to have you here.

Damon: It's an honor to be here, Myles.

Myles: So you're from Waterloo, Iowa.

Damon: That's right.

Myles: And, I take it you're a fan of Phineas and Ferb fan, correct?

Damon: That's correct. I even like Vanessa from that show, too. She's a sweet girl.

Myles: That is so cool. Now, I don't ask people often, but are you a Wheel watcher?

Damon: Well, I don't often watch "Wheel" regularly, but I love a few game shows every now and then. It's enjoyable to play along, too.

Myles: I see. Well, next time you come home, be sure to watch the show. It's a lot of fun.

Damon: I will.

Myles: Good. Let's continue with our 2nd toss-up. This time, it's worth $2,000. Category is THING. Go, Vanessa.

(music begins)

(bell dings)

Myles: Damon.


Myles: You got it. You got yourself $2,000 and you will be spinning soon as we take a look at our first round puzzle. Category is MOVIE TITLE. Damon, because you've won the toss-up, you have control of the wheel.

Damon: OK.

(Damon spins, lands on...)

Myles: Nice start. $500.

Damon: R.

Myles: 2 R's. $1,000.

(Damon spins, lands on...)

Myles: That was too close. $600.

Damon: G.

Myles: One G. And, I guess he's gonna spin again.

(Damon spins, lands on...)

Myles: $800.

Damon: M.

Myles: Yes, we have 2 M's. $3,200.

Damon: I'd like to buy an E, please.

Myles: OK. 3 E's.

Damon: I'm gonna spin.

Myles: Go ahead.

(Damon spins, lands on...)

Myles: Could he get the big one? Not quite. $600, though.

Damon: P.

Myles: One P. $3,550.

Damon: Can I buy an A?

Myles: Why not? We have 5 A's. That's some vowels, huh? All right, you're at $3,300.
What's next?

(Damon spins, lands on...)

Myles: $500.

Damon: W.

Myles: One W. $3,800. Doin' good, Damon.

Damon: I'd like to solve.

Myles: Well, what is it?

Damon: MADAGASCAR 3: EUROPE'S MOST WANTED. Well, you have $3,800 that round. $5,800 your total. But, we're only getting started and we're on our way to the Jackpot round. Take a look.

(voiceover): Today's jackpot round is brought to you by deviantArt. deviantArt, the website for artistic fans where they can create art, fan fiction, poetry and much more. deviantArt -- where ART meets application. And, we've added this prize to the wheel. It's $5,000 cash courtesy of Young Americans Bank. At Young Americans, we help people young and old to put money in their accounts and make life easier. $5,000.

Myles: All right. And, BTW, we'd like to thank for sponsoring us and our episodes and more. Round 2 is underway and the category is FAN FICTION TITLE. In honor of dA's special edition, we show you that category, and all you have to do is figure out the title. Brandon, take a spin.

(Brandon spins, lands on...)

Myles: $300.

Jackpot: $5,300

Brandon: T.

Myles: I'm sorry, there is no T.


Brandon: Doggone it!

Myles: I know. Tanner, you're up.

(Tanner spins, lands on...)

Myles: $450.

Jackpot: $5,750

Tanner: M.

Myles: 2 M's. $900.

(Tanner spins, lands on...)

Myles: $800.

Jackpot: $6,550

Tanner: L.

Myles: OK. One L.

Tanner: Can I buy an A, please?

Myles: Sure. 4 A's. $1,450 is now what you have.

Tanner: Can I also buy an E?

Myles: You can do that. 2 E's. You're now at $1,200.

(Tanner spins, lands on...)

Myles: $550.

Jackpot: $7,100

Tanner: C.

Myles: Not one, but 2 C's. $2,300.

(Tanner spins, lands on...)

Myles: Oh, no, no, no, no. *groans* Lose a Turn got ya. Ah, well. Good thing your money is still there. Damon.

(Damon spins, lands on...)

Myles: OK. The cash prize. What letter?

Damon: Try an H.

Myles: One H. Pick it up. It's the $5,000 cash prize. You have no money, so what's up?

Damon: I'm gonna solve.

Myles: Very well.


Myles: Bravo!

(cheers and applause)

Myles: 2 for 2 for Damon. He is doing well. $10,800 in cash so far and still in the lead. Well, our show's off to an awesome start. We're gonna take a break for a minute and we're gonna continue playing as we always do.

(cheers and applause)


Myles: Welcome back to "Wheel", y'all. It's our dA edition today. Time for our mystery round. In this round, one of these wedges have $10,000 in cash. Somebody might be lucky. The category is WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

(bell tinkles)

Myles: And we have a "Prize Puzzle"!! Whoever solves the puzzle, will win a prize which is based on that puzzle. Tanner, go ahead and start it off.

Tanner: OK.

(Tanner spins, lands on...)

Myles: My, my. The big one. $3,500.

Tanner: T.

Myles: Yep. 3 T's. Amazing start. $10,500.

(Tanner spins, lands on...)

Myles: Well, all right. You like that wedge, huh?

Tanner: Yeah. L.

Myles: You got it. 2 L's. $17,500.

Tanner: I'd like to solve.

Myles: All righty.


Myles: That's it! You didn't have to buy a vowel, either. Well done. You got $17,500. And, I have a nice prize for you.

Tanner: What?

Myles: There are some art galleries around the world, but you will see the biggest one in New York City.

Tanner: Whoo-hoo!

Myles: Check it out. You and 3 of your friends will fly round-trip first class from Denver to New York City for a 5 night stay at the Westin New York at Times Square, located just miles away from shopping, entertainment and much more. You'll also get V.I.P. access at one of the most famous art galleries while visiting. This amazing Manhattan getaway is worth $7,000. Congrats, Tanner. You got the trip and some cash. You have $24,500, which is almost $25,000, and you are now in the lead. Tanner is at $24,500, Damon is at $10,800 and Brandon is at $1,000. But, it's still anybody's game. Stay right where you are. Later, in our show, we're giving away $250,000 to one of our lucky dA players. Stay with us.

(cheers and applause)


Vanessa: Welcome back to "Wheel of Fortune". And, once again, your host, he's the most artistic and autistic professional yet, he's Myles.

Myles: Well, I'm no competitive artist, but I love to draw something stylin'.

Vanessa: You got style.

Myles: Sure do, V. Sure do. All right, welcome back, everybody. It's time to play our third toss-up. We have $3,000 to give away. Category is PHRASE.

(music begins)

(bell dings)

Myles: Damon.


Myles: That is right.

(cheers and applause)

Myles: Even if you're growin' old, you have a child hood style in you. Category for our next round is PLACE.

(alarm blaring)

Myles: And, it sounds like we're running a bit short here, so I'm gonna give the wheel a final spin.

(Myles spins)

Myles: Ask you to give me a letter. If it's in the puzzle, 3 seconds to solve it. No cost for vowels, consonants are going to be worth...


Myles: Holy butterfly kisses! I feel like somebody's lucky today. We are gonna add $1,000 to that. $6,000 for every consonant we look for. Again, category is PLACE. Damon, it's your turn. Let's have a letter.

Damon: T.

Myles: One T. $6,000 and you have 3 seconds.


Myles: Brandon.

Brandon: P.

Myles: Sorry. No P. Tanner.

Tanner: N.

Myles: 2 N's. $12,000.


Myles: Damon.

Damon: A.

Myles: 2 A's. No money for vowels, but they can help you.


Vanessa: Yes, it is!

Myles: That's right!

(cheers and applause)

Damon: Whoo!

Myles: Way to go, dude. You're very lucky. Damon, that was quite amazing. You have $6,000 that round, and now, you have $19,800. Great job! I am so happy for you. But, it's not over yet. Tanner is doing amazing with $24,500 and still in the lead. Brandon is still alive with $1,000. When we get back, our three players will put their skill, nerve and luck to our test where someone can take home $250,000. Who will win? Will it be Damon, Tanner or Brandon? Come back and you will see what happens.

(cheers and applause)


Myles: Welcome back, everybody. Our players have done well earning cash and prizes and now, they're gonna play our lighting bonus round for a shot at $250,000!

(cheers and applause)

Myles: Guys, you've won some money during our game. That's yours to keep no matter what, but our bonus round is more challenging than ever. Here's how we do it. Vanessa will provide you the puzzle and category and each of you will take turns calling letters. If it's in the puzzle, you will have 5 seconds to solve the puzzle. And, if you solve the puzzle before time expires, you will win $250,000.


Also, because this is a special edition of "Wheel of Fortune", nobody goes home empty handed. 2nd place winner will get $100,000 and 3rd place will get $50,000. All right? Fellas, good luck to you. Vanessa, show me the puzzle and category.

Vanessa: All righty, Myles. The category this time will be FAN FICTION TITLE.

Myles: OK. Brandon, you're the first player in the first position, you're first. I love saying "first".

(laughter from audience)

Vanessa: L.O.L.

Myles: All right. I won't make jokes no more. Brandon.

Brandon: B for my name.

Vanessa: We have 2 B's.

Myles: Good start, B. 2 B's. Your 5 seconds start right now.


Myles: Tanner, you're up.

Tanner: D.

Vannesa: Yes, we have 2 D's.

Myles: 2 D's. Very good. 5 seconds.


Myles: All right, Damon.

Damon: G.

Vanessa: Ooh. 2 G's for you.

Myles: Yes, we have 2 of them. 5 seconds to solve it. You know this?


Myles: Well, I was gonna ask that, but let's find out. Is that right for $250,000?

(alarm blaring, fireworks sounds, cheering and applause)

Myles: That's right! You did it! Way to go, Damon! You've won $250,000!! Congratulations, man. Oh, my gosh! I cannot believe he did it and he didn't take to much time to think about it. Well done, Damon.

Damon: Thank you.

Myles: My pleasure.

Vanessa: Job well done, Damon.

Myles: That was amazing. Damon Swartz is our winner today and has won a total of $269,800 all cash. We have another biggest winner in television history. Congrats, Damon. Tanner, you had quite an experience. You were so close and you may not have won, but, don't be too disappointed. You're still leaving with $100,000 with the cash and trip you won during the game. Brandon, enjoy your money as well. Folks, thank you all very much for joining us for a special edition of "Wheel of Fortune". We had a great time today. Special thanks to Damon, Brandon and Tanner and to for the support. Be sure to join us again soon for more puzzles and more fun. Remember, everybody, on "Wheel"...

Vanessa: Spinning is believing.

Myles: No doubt about it. We will see you guys next time. See you then.

Vanessa: Bye!

(cheers and applause)

(end credits, coporate logos)

Here's another new episode of Wheel of Fortune where we invited 3 of the dA players, :iconcarabao89:, :icontherandomclassic: and :icondsguy411:. I wish you luck, fellas.

Wheel of Fortune belongs to Sony
Vanessa of PNF belongs to Disney, Povenmire, Marsh
Brandon is :iconcarabao89:
Tanner is :icontherandomclassic:
Damon is :icondsguy411:
Myles is me
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dsguy411 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
I love how I won. :w00t:
mylesterlucky7 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you enjoyed it, dude.
carabao89 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Holy crap... iv'e been struck
mylesterlucky7 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, don't feel bad, dude. Winning isn't everything. Being on a game show is about having fun.
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